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iForce Dexaprine Review

iForce Dexaprine Review

In this review we will discuss Day 1, 2 and just my training of day 3 using iForce Dexaprines new fat burner, showing it's work environment functionality and training functionality as well as actual effects. Dexaprine is a fat burner from iForce Nutrition. Although I am not well experienced with this company they seem to make mediocre quality supplements, with the exception of this fat burner. It's main active ingredients are a 640mg proprietary blend of Citrus Aurantium with 1,3 dimethylamylamine (it says 1,3 dimethylpentylamine, it's the same shit). Should you wish to read more thoroughly about the product from the people who make it, click here. In soon to come future I will be writing articles on both Citrus Aurantium and 1,3 dimethylamylamine, there will be updates when the time is right.

There is an overall verdict at the bottom, make life easy on yourself and ctrl+f "overall Dexaprine verdict"

Day 1;

This isn't to sell it despite that we do. The same with any product review, I don't like people getting bullshitted about supplements so I cannot express how honest this is. I actually wrote the first part of this review whilst I was in the most hyped part of Dexaprine so forgive me if Day 1 looks a little all over the place.

This is the strongest stimulant I feel I've ever taken as a 'supplement'.

The serving size is half a tablet, I had a full tablet. In the past I've had just about every stimulant under the sun and have always developed a big tolerance to stimulants quickly. No other product containing Citrus Auruntium or 1,3 Dimethylamylamine has made me feel remotely energised in the last well, about 4 months and I've been having them regularly while testing products.

Even RX6 when it came out, that had citrus auruntium, 1,3 dimethylamylamine, synephrine, methylsynephrine, ephedra, the world of caffeine and niacin did not make me bat an eyelid, and we've literally had people come into the store complaining to us that it's too strong before.

Literally, from the bottom of my heart thought no other stimulant bar cocaine was going to get me going these days haha.

9:15 this morning I took 1 dexaprine tablet, 10am and I felt like I had tunnel vision, it's 12:51 and I still feel alert. It's definitely missed it's peak, but I'm still fucking wide awake and the tablet is meant to last for a total of 8 hours. I had taken clenbuterol this morning, clen isn't a 'stimulant' and I've developed a decent tolerance to it's side effects nowadays. I'm pretty sure if I didn't take clen I'd still have felt the same only a bit less shakey.

If you can find anyyyyy samples of this, try it. I'm not saying buy it because I believe unless you have a big tolerance to ephedrine or anything similar then this isn't for you. 

I've had jack3d, hemo rage, c4, super pump max, 150mg of ephedrine + 1gram caffeine, I mean really you name the pre-workout product I have probably tried it. Honestly apart from the very first time I took jack3d which was my first exposure to a 1,3 dimethyl product, I have never felt that stimulated haha. I do not think people could for instance, go to work comfortably whilst on this product. If you want to just seriously try half a tablet the first time you use it and see how you get on. I do acrobatics and frequently take stimulants to try and buzz up my sessions, I would never in a million years use this haha. 

But I would use it for weightloss, it's the best appetite suppressant I've ever used. Even compared to black market products.

Now if you DO wish to purchase this, go to here. And so we make even less money, you can use the factorysupplements discount code ' ukmma5 ' for 5% off your purchase. It's not a big saving but money is money at the end of the day, every little helps.

Actually, I recommend this product to those doing Intermittent Fasting , I do intermittent fasting myself (after all, it is the best diet, thank you Martin for existing and improving my training drastically =]), and normally coming up to 12pm I feel ravenous for my first meal. Today it's 2pm and I still don't feel the need to feed.

edit: it is now 2pm, and I am forcing down my first meal for nutritional sakes.
edit: didn't end up eating it until 3.

Day 2:

Although it's a few days on from my Dexaprine mission, I feel the need to share with you the experiences I had after the first day since they changed as the days went by.

On day 2 of iForce Dexaprine I decided to just take half a tablet so as to assess if this supplement was going to be the real deal. Recommended dosages never usually 'feel' enough with any stimulant based supplement, even for the sensitive ones of us out there (bless you guys, you make the world go round). Now before I go on, let's take into account that the second time I take most stimulants I feel the effect of them halves, this certainly happened in the past with the likes of USP Labs Jack3d, Nutrex Lipo 6 Black, Superpump 250 and many more.

Well! I was still absolutely wired. DO YOU FEEL SURPRISED?

From memory recollection, I took the my iForce Dexaprine about 10am. You see working in a Sports Supplement store we get to occasionally take in these kinda products. My boss is absolutely awesome and hilariously lenient, so you never know what the day may be about to entail!

Anyway, to the review. I took the product at 10am, got wired up. I still got tunnel vision from half a tablet, not as intense as the first tablet but still much more intense than any other product I've ever taken. I mean son, I've never had tunnel vision off any product before let alone a shelf legal fat burner. On a note of appetite suppression it was still absolutely surreal, there was another case of me forgetting to eat until around 3pm.

It was good times all ahead, I was able to carry on with with my job. Becoming plenty efficient, answering any customer queeries and phone calls with utter enthusiasm to say the least.

Ha, enthusiasm and work fuctionality. Let's time a trip back in time to day 1;

Sup guise?

On Day 1 I answered a phone call to one of our most regular customers, you see as well as online customer queries and all that lark, sometimes out in-store customers call up to check stock levels. We'll call this guy Limmy, Limmy called up and asked me to put 12 Bodyshaper RTD's and 5 Maximuscle RTD's to one side for him. I answered Limmy in the fastest way possible and as soon as I put the phone down, my racing mind did a lap around the world, wrestled a bear and during that trip forget to put his RTD's away.

It was no worry, 200+lb Limmy came into the store and still got his RTD's and I was still left un-beaten and all my limbs in tact. We're still friends. Also, come 5pm I had another half Dexaprine, which came in handy for training.

Work related conclusion

For me personally half a tablet of iForce Dexaprine allowed me to function in my daily tasks with absolute awesome force at least doubling my efficiency. Tasks were completed way before deadlines whilst my appetite was still heavily suppressed but without any discomfort. 1 tablet was just a bit too much, if I had the day off work or if I was going to a rave in an abandoned warehouse full of vampires then I'd take the full tablet every time. Now onto more important things.


TRAINING, with the over 9000 power of Dexaprine!

Day 2 Training

I finish work at 5:30pm, to get home it usually takes me until 6pm. From 6pm to 8pm, I had to fit in the ollowing;

60g protein + 30g carb meal > AB WORKOUT OF DEATH > 120g protein + 100g carbs > then arrive at gymnastics. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

Normally during intermittent fasting I get all of my calories in through actual food, however the nature of where I work and for times like these I do have protein powders lying around. I'm currently using strawberry flavoured Hyper Strength Hyper Whey if any one is curious :-) I whacked up 2 scoops of that with water, 1 lamb grill steak that I had coincidently pre-cooked earlier that day with a banana.

About 6:40pm now, my Dexaprine fuelled blood was still going strong. I performed the following;

4 x 10-15 hanging leg raises
4 x 10 incline weighted crunchs (I hold a plate behind my head for max. leverage)
4 x 8-10 Oblique cable twists

I took the usual 60-90 seconds rest between sets as is usually had with higher-volume exercises. It should be noted I train my abdominals with higher volume because I have urine poor obliques, though the base of my training is still in lower reps.

I finished my workout in the medium time of half an hour, about right. For those who don't already you really should get into the habit of timing your rest periods in workouts. It'll help out plenty in the long run when making track of progress. So come 7:15, I sprinted home in a sweaty mess, thank God I live a 7 minute walk away from the gym.

Boom, 7:25 in the apartment. Wolfed down my post workout meal in the space of around 10 minutes. For anyone wondering I consumed 100g of plain ole Muesli with 30g of Weetos for the chocolatey goodness. Along with this I had a 2 scoop Hyper Whey shake with 500ml semi skimmed milk, 2 pork sirloin steaks and a 300g pot of cottage cheese. I felt the need to puke thoroughly after this since I was pretty much just drinking the muesli and cheese but a man has to do what a man has to do!

7:40 I sprinted to the bus stop which is right next to my gym so it wasn't a large journey. Seen my bus coming, ran for it and got that bitch. Whilst reflecting on how much I wanted to hurl my food I noticed that my eyesight was disgustingly clear and focused, I couldn't have been more hyped and ready for acrobatics.

A fantastic session was had.

Day 3 Training

On day 3 of using Dexaprine I was going for a pretty hardcore workout. I decided to take a full capsule towards the end of my work shift and get on down to the gym right after I got home. At the time of writing I'd have about 7 months off lifting weights, came from a past of doing powerlifting and asides from ab work almost all my training has been bodyweight based for the functionality of gymnastics.

However at a bodyweight of 70kg, I went into the gym and went as follows;

10 on Cross Trainer, keeping my heart rate at 170-180bmp, with a minutes rest when things go crazy.

1x5 160kg Deadlift
1 x 180kg / 400lb Deadlift
2 x 4 80kg / 180lb Bench Press

2x 15 chin ups super setted with 2 sets of maximal push ups.

Now I'm not going to lie, during my workout I felt pretty drained after my cardio. I originally thought that my nervous system might have had a bit of a shut down from hammering Dexaprine, although now I think it's more to do with my cardio giving me the world of jelly legs. I say this because after my workout I got home, and trained some more;

3 x 10-15 seconds Front Lever adv tuck holds
Super setted with 3 sets of maximal handstand holds against a wall.

Along with some general handstand work and a little bit of stretching.

Overall Dexaprine Verdict

I can whole heartedly say it's a product that does what you're buying it for. You want to feel warm as hell because of it's awesome thermogenics, you got it. You want vicious appetite suppression? It's there. You want pre-workout stimulus? well-chill-the-eff-out and have half a capsule and you have that too. I've been overall disappointed with the majority of fat burners we get to test out, they all fall short of black market supplements. I rate this above ECA stacks and T5's, since I've tried the both of them I feel I can say this.

I don't know if it has the same reactions to alpha and beta receptors so I can't honestly say it will produce better results in the long run than Ephedrine based fat burners, but I certainly know as a supplement that will get me buzzing and suppress my appetite it does the job a shit ton better.

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